Garmin GPSMap 943xsv - 9'' GPS/FF Combo Closeout - $1,099.99

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Apr 24, 2012
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Garmin GPSMap 943xsv - 9'' GPS/FF Combo Closeout - $1,099.99

943FrontFront.jpg 943XSVRear.jpg 943XSVRadar.jpg

Garmin is closing out the rest of their inventory on the GPSMap 943xsv 9'' GPS/FF Combo units as the 'GN+' models have superceded them. The only real difference with the GN+ is it now has the newer Navionics Vision+ charts built in, however you can just purchase one of those chart cards for $199 and you essentially have the same unit. This units have the Garmin BlueChartG3 charts built in either way. The unit has a built in sonar that can run a 1kW CHIRP, standard tone-burst, as well as the SideVu/DownVu line. They can also network with an existing Garmin GPSMap system (76xx/86xx/x42/x43, etc - Black bezel MFDs, not Gray Bezel) to act as an additional display to view radar/sounder data, etc.

Keep in mind the GPSMap series, this unit included, can have a radar directly integrated, so it's a full Multifunction Display, unlike the EchoMap series. While it is a touchscreen display, it can be integrated w/ one of Garmin's GRID20 wired remotes for Hybrid Control. They have an internal GPS sensor, a J1939 port so can be connected to most modern engines to display data. Price per pound, it's a pretty good deal and while I've personally had issues with Garmin systems in the past and been critical (any brand can get it from the Rat!), we've sold a ton of these in the past 2-3 years I can't pretend that they don't make a solid system with this generation GPSMap series. Figured we'd offer it while supplies last.

Any questions or to place an order, simply drop me a PM w/ your name & best contact info. Thanks again for all the support!

Happy Easter Fam!!
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