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Feb 10, 2013
Good Morning, I have been lurking on this site for several months while looking for a small vacation home on line , and looking for a Downeast style boat. We (my girlfriend & I) have several pending appoints with RE agents if the snow ever lets up. Her brother has lives near Cumberland for many years, and we get daily weather reports. While we both lived in the N.E. for many winters, unless I am hunting in it I can live without it.We have lived and worked in Fl. for the past 20 sum years. We now reside in Sebastian,Fl . I have always wanted a downeast boat and have been looking for a 26' to 36' offshore capable boat, however due to the prices the decent downeast seems to be bringing I think I may under budgeted (under50K ) as I am limited with buying a house at the same time. If anyone knows of a viable downeast boat In my price range please give me shout. I am now looking at North Coasts, Black Watch, Blackfin, Topaz,
Carolina Classic, and a couple of Maine Coasters I came across.

By the way this is a Great Site, while I have 50 years on the water since I was 15, I learned a ton lurking on this site and I thank yo u.

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