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Sep 10, 2011
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Shark on shark brutality.

"We were fishing off the coast of Bondi Beach and were on board a 32-foot powerboat," he told GrindTV.com via email. "Shortly after catching a small blue shark we tied a rope off to its tail, and the large great white appeared, obviously attracted by the frenzy of the blue shark.

"We were amazed as the shark bit the whole blue shark in half and proceeded to play tug of war with us with the remaining tail half, he said. Never seen anything this big so close to Sydney, and [it] has been a real shock to the Sydney fishing and surfing community."

The incident occurred last year, but video of it wasnt posted on YouTube until earlier this month.

Another fishermen on the boat differed with Minter about the location of the sighting, telling Australias ninemsn.com that it occurred about 1.2 miles off the beach.

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