Looking to buy my first downeast boat

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Nov 16, 2011
Hi my name is mike I. Looking to buy my first downeast boat. I am going to be inshore. Fishing. With the boat. The. Size range I am. Looking. Into 28 to 32. Some. Of the builders are Crowley beal. Osmond beal. South shore 30. Northern bay


Sep 13, 2011
Freeport NY
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No. I will be buying a used boat

Things to look for in a used DE
Fiberglass tanks a big plus amount 150 to 200 gallons max.
Hull is it cord or solid glass> Cord hulls are fine but require a much closer survey.
Propeller aperture-for a used DE @ 28 to 30' you should look at a vessel that can fit a 22" wheel or larger. 4 blades a mus
Shafting-minimum size should be 1.5 ss-a22 1.75 is better
Rudder-bronze or Stainless
Make sure she is bonded.
Windows a big expense look for metal frames side opening windows and solid fixed front windows. Tint is fine on the sides only.
Sea test make sure the motor gets its rated RPMs or more & at WOT make sure the engine temperatures stay in the rated temperature range.
Power - diesel only with anywhere from 300 to 350 HP. Stick with the big guns like Cummins, Yanmar, CAT, Volvo.
Hull design three to chose from Hard Chine like a JC or Wesmac, Builtdown like a Duffy or skeg design like a Beal.
Boats I like in your size range but not in order; JC 31, Seaway or BHM 28, 31 Duffy, 31 BHM, 30 RP
At the size you are looking at a F/B is not recommended keep the vessel low.
A raise deck as apposed to a motor box is also more desirable.
Cockpit deck; look for soft spots, a gentle crown is always nice to keep things dry, scuppers should be at least 4" above the water line & dry deck is always nice.

Best of luck in your search.
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