March Madness Electronics BLOWOUT - Wholesale & Rebates - Thru April 11th 2014

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Apr 24, 2012
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FINALLY.. with temperatures set to break and 50 degree days on the horizon for us guys in the North Atlantic, it's safe to say the season is ready to go. And with Manhattan College getting bounced from the tourney by Louisville, my bracket is in shambles so I could use something else fun until the Mets start playing their shitty brand of baseball.

With this in mind, and honestly with an incredible amount of equipment in stock, I decided to throw out the rule book and offer 'Dead of Winter' pricing that I also provide to my OEM clients like Flowers and Wesmac, now that the shrink wrap is starting to come off. I cannot post pricing here due to Mininum Advertised Price regulations, so you will have to request a quote. I'll try to keep it brief, as you know I can go on for way to long, but along with the cost-PLUS prices, almost every major factory is offering rebates on their equipment. Some of these rebates are the highest ever offered in the industry, and I'll break a few down for anyone who isn't already aware.

Also, keep in mind that we don't just sell plotters, radars, and sounders; we stock and supply battery chargers, inverters, generators, engines, satellite communication/TV systems, EPIRBs, PFDs, immersion suits, outriggers, spreader lights, underwater LEDS & INTERIOR LEDs, windlasses, captans, even clocks and barometers. I could go on forever.. To make it short, we are a full service outfit that not only supplies the gear, but we install and service it so we know what is shit and what isn't. At the bottom of this post I will include few pics of our line card which lists a few of our most popular and trusted lines, but just because something isn't listed, doesn't mean we don't carry it. I cannot post pricing here due to "MAP" - Mininum Advertised Price regulations, so you will have to request a quote.All you need to do is drop me a line. Instead of sending a PM (which overfloweth), use the forum's email contact method by clicking the link below:

Send an Email To Wharf Rat

You can also reach me at the office at (914)235-4023. Either way, be sure to leave a number I can contact you at both during business hours and after hours, as many people here know, I kind of work all day and night. It may sound pathetic, but I love this shit and it's a much less expensive hobby than drugs, drinking, and hitting up the strip club. I also gave up on 'girlfriends' (which could also lead to the dreaded marriage, as I am trying to save enough money to buy my own DE, and I decided I'd much rather have a boat than a 110 Lb. anchor. It may cost the same as a wifey, but a boat doesn't talk back or bleed every 28 days. I'm tired of having an emergency supply of Kit-Kats..

So far as the rebates go, I will try to be as thorough as possible, as there are quite a few out there.

FURUNO. They are by far giving the most away, which has made their TZTs actually more affordable than they ever were, and in my opinion, the best MFD machine on the market. They're giving rebates $1,500 for TZTs, $1,000 for each NavNet3Ds (MFDBB, MFD12, & MFD8), and $500 the venerable beast Vx2 systems.

SIMRAD These rebates are for their current NSS units and Broadband radars. Not a ton of dough, but every little bit helps. However, this rebate ends April 6th, so the clock is ticking. Here's a breakdown:
Eligible Products/Bundles
NSS 12 Multi Function Display (000-10197-001)REBATE USD$ 200

Simrad 4G Broadband Radar (000-10421-001) REBATE USD$ 200

BSM-1 Broadband Sonar Module 000-0132-05) REBATE USD$ 200

NSS 8 Multi Function Display (000-10196-001) REBATE USD$ 150

NSS 8 with 3G Broadband Radar Bundle (000-10630-001) REBATE USD$ 150

NSS 7 Multifunction Display (000-10195-001) REBATE USD$ 150

NSS 7 with 3G Broadband Radar Bundle (000-10629-001) REBATE USD$ 150

Raymarine Also not a ton being given away, but here's the list.

Get a $100 Rewards Card when you purchase any e7 or e7D.
Get a $200 Rewards Card when you purchase any c95, c97, c125 or c127.
Get a $300 Rewards Card when you purchase any e95, e97, e125 or e127.

Their more interesting rebate, however, is their T-Series Thermal Imager Rebates, especially their pan and tilt models.
Get a $250 Rewards Card when you purchase any new T200-Series Camera (This is their standard resolution fixed mount unit.)
Get a $350 Rewards Card when you purchase any new T250 or T270-Series Camera (This is their High Resolution Static/Fixed Unit.)
Get a $1000 Rewards Card when you purchase any new T300 or T400-Series Camera. (Any of their Pan & Tilt Models.)

These rebates are only good until April 30th, just as a heads up.
Also, for anyone who doesn't have a Raymarine system or simply would prefer the FLIR model,

FLIR is offering the identical rebate program for their lineup. For anyone out there who has some questions on the actual performance of these thermal imagers, give me a call, as we rigged one on my bosses boat so I can honestly say they are worth it; if you can spare the money. And no, there are no plans to lower the prices of these units ANY time soon. They are all made in the USA for export regulatory reasons due to their military background, and are very expensive to make. I know, it sucks, but maybe in 5 or 10 years we could see something less expensive. One more thing - SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cannot SEE THROUGH FOG, they are not replacements for radar. While the SeaFLIR or MU-Series which are MWIR imagers can do so, they also cost 250K. Despite what some dealers may say, molecular absorption makes it impossible to detect an infrared signature, so think radar first; thermal second.

KVH This one is pretty simple. $500 Rebate for any M1, M3, or M5. For the M1, that's a huge percentage of the actual price, and would be the best bang for the buck unless you need the wider footprint and increased stability the larger domes offer.

That's all for now, I will post anything else that comes up. I will be giving away the equipment at these blowout prices from now thru April 11th. AI've also got some great pricing on EPIRBs and Fusion stereos, just to name a few. So anything you may need for the boat, even if it's just an anchor, let me know. All I ask is for a chance to quote, I'm doing this to unload some inventory I took stock of in January and to generate some cash flow for the company. Also, looking to make a few friends while I'm at it. So I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any questions, even if it isn't for a quote, that's part of my job and anyone who is willing to listen to my pontificate on marine electronics and Downeast designs is more than welcome. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the line card to get a feel for some of the stuff we have to offer.






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I have a garage bay full of parts and pieces with a couple shelves of electronics purchased from Chris (Wharfrat) and wouldnt go any other way. Ask for a price and you will see.

See you in a few Chris- emptying my truck for todays pickup!


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Mar 10, 2012
Hands down best person to get electronics from. Chris is knowledgable and will steer you in the right direction. We used him to help us with the set up of our whole electronics layout and could't be happier. The prices on the Furuno are a steal right now as well I would definitely go Furuno.


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Sep 5, 2011
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Chris spent at least an hour on the phone with me last night. And that was after the shop closed and he was on his own time. I learned a lot and got steered down the right path. Now to fund it all????

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