Marine Power Chevy 6.5 Turbo Diesel 275 Hp


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Sep 21, 2011
Cape Cod, MA
Boat Make
I can't say anything about their diesels but their gas side worried me.

We had a new pair of them in our Luhrs 32, 1995. We bought the boat from a broker with 50hrs on it, it was his demo boat. Engine's last to about 2,000 then just didn't work as good. One engine got whacked with a bad oil cooler. When we were troubleshooting the gas engine before this failure didn't have much support from them. I remember though in that 1990-1995 and maybe later too they stormed the market. I mean they were the gas engine of choice in all the Luhrs. They seemed really rigid, I remember the brochure they portrayed themselves as the gas engine for commercial marine business. They were the first time I saw double belts, double filters and sailing kits with things for an emergency.
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