Moon River


1st Mate
Jul 20, 2012
Boat Make
Devlin 48 & Marshal Sanderling
This is a follow up on a Northwest built Downeast type. The boat is on the August cover of Soundings. We just got back from our maiden voyage, a six week cruise covering The San Juan's-BC Gulf Islands-Desolation Sound and The Broughton Islands. There have been previous build posts. The JD 6068AFM75 motors at 330 hp each with Glenddinig contolls worked out great. Smooth-quite no smoke or slick- zero oil burn in 165 hr on break in oil. The Imtra variable speed bow and stern thrusters added additional finesse at the tight spots in the small marinas.The boat slices through head seas WW needed in anything over two feet(no bow flair to speak of). OK but not great in a following sea. Dam uncomfortable in a beam sea. At hull speed 9 K or less fair fuel burn and at 11K there is a big jump to one gal per mile at 15-16 K between 18-20 gal-at 20K approx 27 gal. While the boat would not be my choice for an offshore rig it is fine and appropriate in the mainly protected Northwest waters it is used in 95% of the time.


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