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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey Fam!

Been a while since I've been able to post; been incredibly busy between working on our new website and also a number of builds we're designing/supplying for Flowers and Wesmac among others, along with about a dozen bids for Homeland Security contracts so their 2013 grant money doesn't go to waste. I've also been putting together as many photos as I can from this year for some eye candy, so stay tuned. It's just torture having to convert them, resize, and as a perfectionist, any glare shot RUINS any shot.

Once again, the NYC Show is upon us, and while we opted out of our normal 20' booth (Shittiest dates EVER, but we'll have our guys in the Cummins, Yanmar and Volvo booths) we will still be offering the Downeast Brethren show pricing on all electronics. I will follow up with any of the rebates announced Jan 1 for the show. To request a quote, you can post here, but the best bet is to send me an email thru the forum (My PM box has limited capacity), so use this function Send Email Via Forum To Wharf Rat

I also, most importantly, want to thank everyone here on the forum for helping Precision Marine Center with their support. It's an honor to work with so many of you; honest, blue collar, down to earth, and passionate. It's incredibly refreshing and I relish every phone call or email I get to have with a Downeast Forum member. So thank you for a wonderful year, and here's to 2014. Happy New Year everyone!

- Chris AKA Wharf Rat

PS: Just as a heads up, we decided to increase our sponsorship commitment to Bill and the great forum he created, and as a result we've started a new sub-forum specifically for the diesel and propulsion end of our business. Post here with any questions, but the idea of course is to help promote that end of our business as we will provide trade pricing on all engines and generators to forum members, and will mostly use that section to post pictures of various repowers and rebuilds, etc. Now I am not the diesel expert, but my boss who is a member (GregDiesel) IS. PM him or simply call us at 914-235-4023 with any questions on anything from an old 2 stroke Detroit to a high pressure common rail system. No bullshit, the guy's brilliant, he's honest, and the reason we've had the same clients coming back for over 30 years is a testament to his expertise and ability to always keep it real.
So here's a link to the new sub forum, and I posted some pics of our shop so check it out. They'll be more coming!
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Aug 6, 2013
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I think he might be away just in case he doesnt get back to you right away. This is an old thread too.

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