NIB Icom M604A VHF Radio For Sale - Listed on EBay

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Apr 24, 2012
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Should have probably listed it here first, but we have a NEW Icom M604A that we were saving for a client who just sold their boat, and it's a literal drop in for a M604 (without having to even change CommandMics) and a drop in for a M602 for someone who has no CommandMics.

Icom's M506s are now going to be NLA because of a chip shortage and their new replacement won't be available for the next 3 months, so figured I'd throw this on eBay as the M605 is twice the size dimensionally for someone who needs to replace a M602/4, and is priced accordingly.

Here's the link for the listing and details.. Icom M604A - NIB - EBay Listing

Sorry for not bringing it here first, the eBay stuff is handled by another guy in the office.
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