Northern Light trips 120v breaker

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    Hi folks,
    I can use some help...

    Recently, when I try to use generator 120v power, it trips the 120vac breaker. With all the secondary breakers off (AC outlets, stove etc) and the main 120v CB on, it am getting a 110v reading on the
    panel meter. But as soon as I try to turn on one of the secondary switches (AC outlets etc) to use 120v
    power, the 120vac breaker trips immediately. I have trace all of my wiring and nothing is shorted or loose. The breaker & fuse on the generator are not tripped.

    120vac breaker does not trip when I am on shore power. The breaker is an airpax 65a single switch.
    37a per shore/generator operated on a shore/off/gen switch.

    Could it be as simple as the generator pole for the generator power is bad and the shore power is okay?
    Simple enough to try; but can't find the darn thing locally.

    3 pole Breaker reads; I sp I30 I30
    65ac TA 37.5 TA37.5

    Any ideas?

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