NYC Boat Show - Sharp Pricing/Rebates, Etc.

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Apr 24, 2012
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I posted a thread down in our sponsored section for 'Discount Downeast Electronics' here with more details, but wanted to let everyone know that we'll be providing boat show pricing/promos/rebates to everyone here on the forum. A PM is the best way to send me your wish list, and I'll be back in the office from vacation on the 2nd with 2013 pricing and will be taking orders as well as helping anyone pick out the right system for their boats. Just wanted to give a heads up in this part of the forum so nobody was left out. Merry Christmas to everyone here, and in the interim, any questions just drop me a PM. I'll be as diligent as possible to check the forum, and be sure to leave a contact number and I will call via cell to get as much details as possible each application and mission.

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Note: Also for anyone who hasn't seen the Furuno BlueStar Blowout thread, be sure to check it out, as most of that equipment will be sold during the show, and I'd rather sell it to the fellas on this forum than some guy with a Sea Ray from the North Shore of LI. Some awesome pricing on a limited amount of equipment. I'm keeping one MFD12 for myself, along with a PG700 heading sensor and a 1935 radar, and picked up a Northstar 952X as a backup. Now I just need a boat! Here's a quick link. Furuno Blowout on Bluestar (Factory Recon) Gear
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