Outboard repair parts

Oct 7, 2011
I sold off my outboard powered boats

I have a assormant of Outboard Repair Parts mostly for Johnson/Evenrude, Most are Brand new, Some Used.

I want these out of my Basements and will Sell them or Trade them for something I can use.

Make me an offer for one or all.

they are in Maine, but I can ship them or you can pick them up.

[email protected]
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here is a wish list of things I could use around my house. But if you have something else; just mention it.

Custom Printed with the Wicked Good Outdoors logo T shirts, Sweat shirts, Ball caps, Embroidered Shirts & Jackets
Excavation Work
Masonry services Concrete Pored Foundation Work
Retaining wall blocks
Cement Retaining wall Blocks
PT Landscape Ties
A Cedar Post & Rail Fence
Lumber P.T. & Plywood
Garden Shed : Carpenter help building
Deck on House :Carpenter help building
Roofing: Metal or Fiberglass or asphalt
Roofer Labor, Experienced, insured!
House painting/ Staining Experienced, insured!

Acoustical Tile ceilings in my basement
Fiberglass Insulation for my Garage attic

Composted Manure Delivered for Garden/Lawn

Limestone: I could use a few Tons
Grass Seed:
Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel
A New Weedwacker/Brushcutter


New Tires for Car
Ammo or Reloading components
Fishing Rods, Reels, Lures & equip.
Alum pipe frame for Boat Canvas
Sewing Canvas for the aft deck, drop curtains for the T top and a Bow Dodger
Guitars, Amps, Trumpet, Diatonic Accordion and other instruments
New Computers, Desktops, Servers & Laptops
Coffee, Beer, Beef and Other Essentials of life.

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