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Sep 1, 2011
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I think you have always had a problem with the guys on here that don't type a novel with every post.....that's me...I don't have to drag out a post...short and to the point...and iam not dragging this out any longer...if anyone needs advice iam here to help....here is a picture of a boat I worked on ...you can see the cuts in the window frames



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I dont really "have a problem" with anyone here. Not even you really. Its an internet forum- there is no way that everyone will be on the same page and maybe I take it a little more seriously than I thought. Wish you had the time to put that pic up first time around. It shows the complications and dozens of little decisions that need to be made to complete a project like this clearly and it would have shown the OP what he is in for if he didnt know.

I get that people are busy, sometimes logging in via cell phone or whatever at work or on a train or something and posts can be short but
it is great when the OP gets a good thorough answer and I understand if you dont have the time or whatever to write a book but its a little frustrating when there is a lot of banter from the senior members here and no answers- sometimes I think it might be better not to comment if you know what I mean. A small part of the answer just makes for more questions when someone doesnt know what they are doing in the first place.

Rant over. As you were- sorry to make a stink. Thanks for putting up with me. I type really fast too so I am long winded here.


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Sep 16, 2012
I was checking out a 28 northern bay . Doesn't have enough headroom . Could anyone tell me what it takes to raise that roof approx. 6" . Could make the difference on buying, or not.

simple job. like Travis posted its mostly planing.

i dont like the jest raise the top method.
my preference is to raise the house.
pull the windows and cut where the front meets the trunk, around side at console level, then step down the bulkhead if needed to get to window level and go under the windows leaving the radius so the bottoms become the base tine. If the winter back windows are at a different level or there are none throw in another step it makes it helps keeping things lined up. the widows should fit right back in. you can add a strong back/hand grab, between the window and where your cuts end or door.

layout table, make up what you need and glass it in. you will gain a little on your console if it makes a step you don't wont chop that out and change it

take a look at top angle some NB's drop back as they go aft, now is the time to change anything you feel like you need to.

as to time 4 or 5 days if Mr Murphy is not to involved

jest my 2cent

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