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Sep 5, 2011
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I have an older E-80 and was wondering if it is possible to transfer waypoints to an A57D vis the memory cards? is it similar to the backing up and updating process?

Thanks for any info.

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Apr 24, 2012
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The E80 Classic and A-Series have the same OS, and same procedure for waypoint/Route Transfer. It's similar to the backing up, but different than the software updates. Here is a copy and paste from an old email from Winston at Raymarine when I asked him how he would do it. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

To transfer waypoints from or to displays for A C or E units
Go to Data/archive and transfer/ save to card wpt save all on the display
Now move the cf card to a cf reader on the pc
We recommend smaller cf cards 32 OR 64 MB call 800 979 9707 for this card
PC needs a cf card reader (Navionics chart reader E860026 call 800 539 5539 ex8865); RayTech planner will work on xp and vista
No serial number is needed to run Ray Tech RNS planner v6.1 (it is a free down load from our web site)
Raymarine - Error you must have an online account with us to do this
Run planner in the planning mode only onboard is for licensed uses
1st open a chart, Navionics is ok for now
Use the import/export routes and waypoint on the tool bar to do the import or export when you are done.
You must start all waypoint names with a letter, you can use letter and number in the waypoint name but you may not use punctuation or specials character (like @ & *) in the name or comments
The name of the file that is created with you transfer is archive .fsh this name must not be changed and can only be opened with the upload to one of our chart plotters (a c or e class) or PC planner
You may use the import /export routes and waypoints to export to an excel data base to see, repair mistakes or save waypoints
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