repco 30 or similar


Oct 18, 2011
Hello everybody glad to see a new forum for downeast boats. I'm a 17 yr old lobsterman out of Portsmouth Nh and I'm looking at getting a new boat in a few years.
I currently fish a 25 ft skiff with a small cabin and a honda 130 which is fine for the bay but it makes it hard to haul outside more than once a week.
So I'm looking for a boat that is seaworthy and can hold around 50 traps comfortably, but can also be fished solo about 70% of the time. A lot of the boats I've seen in my price range are either larger glass over wood boats (35-40ft) or 30 ft repco or young bros.
A few problems with the larger boats would be wood construction on a boat built in the 70's and speed as they seem to have smaller engines 160-220 hp.
Speed is a concern because of the currents in the Piscataqua but also fuel efficiency (I am trying to make money afterall).
Basically my question is what kind of seas can I fish a smaller boat like the repco in? 4-6 ft seas? 5-7? ne winds at 10-20?

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