Mar 25, 2016
Harwichport MA
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My "in a few years" comment. Won't be this year that the fishing takes a dive.
Fish move from historical places only because we create policy that forces them to change behavior. The way we manage our bait and the complete lack of accountability is insane. The fishing won't take a dive. These fish are abundant, we are not over fishing them. What does change is the ability to catch them where we want to catch them or
Having them hang out in historical places for weeks at a time like they once did. Obviously we have to fish where the fish are. It's interesting to me that over the past few years we are seeing so many bft traveling thru the NE canyons. Warmer water than we normally catch them in but abundant in forage food. They are driven by only two things, food and sex. Bft especially, need to forage along their entire migratory route. When you aggressively intrupt what mother nature has provided by removing way to much food way to fast then be prepared to see behavioral changes. The end result means your going to need a bigger fuel tank. Common sense should tell all of us that when you have a policy in place that forces a change in behavior of any species its a bad policy. We know these fish travel from their spawning grounds to Canada earlier and earlier than they ever did. The imprint is changing and its all due to the lack of bait management.

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Mar 10, 2023
I'm not sure about anything that's going on bait wise anymore. In Florida there's not nearly as much bait as there once was. And there's no one on the east coast commercially catching bait and damn few catching bait on the west coast. After the net bans on purse seins, cast net size restrictions, no gill nets and RFD I figured the bait fish especially mullet would make a extraordinary come back. The sport - recreational fisherman are 100% to blame for the decline in the snook, tarpon and bonefish stocks in Florida. I'm sure the commercial fishing industry will be blamed for the dwindling recreational only fish stocks.
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