RI Saltwater Show


Sep 3, 2011
Point Judith, RI
I went Friday eve. Not overly impressed but it was fun to wander the aisles and see lots of fishing gear. Just not what I was looking for, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good show.

I ended up with a new subscription to big game journal. Got joe schutes business card and had a good chat with him (should have bought some skirts but was in a funk). Saw kaisers new chunker, tempted but holding off. Saw some insanely over priced bent butt standup rods. Seems like everybody is selling the best harpoons on the market these days, didn't buy one. And how many people really buy $2500 130 giant tuna outfits? Seems like a every tackle booth had some; didn't buy one of those either.

But a nice way to spend a rainy friday.

On the rainy saturday I went down to the defender warehouse sale. Same funk. Spent a few boat units rummaging through the bargain bins and got some new hardware (latches) and replaced some stuff I broke/lost last season.

Spent a rainy sunday at home, in the same funk, not really accomplishing anything. Same funk I guess.

Then tomorrow back on the road. This contract can't end soon enough.......

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