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Mar 7, 2012
Annapolis, MD
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Herreshoff Coquina, 1972 Jarvis Newman 36, PT11
I am posting this picture of my rudder wedgie:rolleyes: Any thoughts on the purpose? It is a fiberglass rudder on my Jarvis Newman 36. I am guessing it was added to help stabilize flutter or to counteract torque steer from uneven water flow? Ran the boat for the first time this summer. No noticeable bad characteristics or vibration in the wheel. The steering is mechanical rack and pinion through a cable to the rudder post. The rudder was pulled and both ends of the bronze shafting and receivers cleaned up so the rudder moves as freely as the original installation allows. Can't say that I am inclined to do anything with it, just curious what you guys all think. Who knows what this might start:???:

rudder wedgie.jpg
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