Sat 9/3 Jeffreys


1st Mate
Sep 1, 2011
Merrimac Valley, MA
left the dock this morning about 230 and got out to the spot we planned to fish before sun-up...started marking some bait...each time we've been out this year we've chunked and it hasnt produced so we spent thursday night sewing some mackerel daisy chains with plans of trolling the first light and then anchor up and chunk for the rest of the here were headed out crisp morning 2 barrels of fresh herring and a half dozen daisy chains for the lines in the water...right off the bat we get a hit...not a Tuna though...Hag...caught its foot up in the daisy chain...after that 4 more hags...all were released un harmed....needless to say we stopped trolling and set up on the ledge...started chunking...all in all we did mark one tuna around slack caught "0".....dogfish caught about the guy up stairs busting our balls all day long

any one else who may have gotten out feel free to chime in...
has anyone been further off sure in the jeffreys area? the prong? curl? fingers? we have been stayin inside 15 miles...but i dont think the BFT are in good numbers in close yet

Also anyone heard of the 450lb sword caught off halibut point this past week??? true or false?
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