Selling a boat


Sep 21, 2011
Cape Cod, MA
Boat Make
So how many people have had, I guess seller's remorse? Maybe that isnt even the right thing.

So as some of you know here I have a deal pending on my General Marine 26 somewhere around March. I was oversea's until then and didn't want to close the deal to come home. In the beginning I sold it because I was out of a job for 10 months was supposed to be working this summer. Well that all changed out tuna fishing on a Monday. Got called out to work Oct 28th, returned here June 2nd. Now I am here for the whole summer. So just started cleaning up the boat and it is a mess. Brings back those spring feelings, hell might as well be March out there with this weather. God, fishing and boat is such a part of my life.

Looking back we have always had a boat from the time I can remember. Its amazing how intertwined my family has been with boating.

In the meantime, we will see if this sale goes through. Feel bad, I walked away and it was tuna fishing. I came back nearly 8 months later and still have my leaders tightened across the cabin. Figure it might just be easier to throw in and go fishing...

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