Simrad 4G


Oct 13, 2011
Cape Cod MA/Hong Kong SAR
Boat Make
35 Duffy
See the write up from the Panbo website on the new 4G radar from Simrad? Pair that up with the NSE12 looks to be a leap ahead from current radar's out there. HMMM think I might have to add to the spring update wishlist if by then no bad reviews show up as it is new technology that I tend to let a yr or so go by to get the bugs out LOL. My current raymarine works fine at all ranges picking up high flyers and some pots but in 7-8' seas offshore, I could not read a cruise ship 1/2 miles away on my last tuna trip. Dispite going to manual settings, nothing, good thing it was a clear night besides a lit up cruise ship is hard to miss thank god. Its a flat repair rate of 800.00 per unit and Raymarine tech says to send in the display as well as the radome since either could be bad.

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