Speed and fuel efficiency, BB jet boat


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Mar 10, 2013
Shoreline, WA
I finally got around to analyzing some speed and efficiency data from our Bristol Bay boat we finished last year. It is 32' x 15'5", 20" draft, Volvo D13-700 with a 24" Traktor jet. This is based on the GPS data from the Volvo sea trial, the boat is probably a bit heavier and slower in fishing trim now. This was the faster run, topped out at 29.2 knots, the upwind run was 28 knots. We have always had semi-planing boats in the past, so there is a learning curve with this boat.

I kind of thought I knew what the fuel mileage curve looked like, but it is even more extreme than I thought. Keep it below 1400 rpm, or above 1900 rpm. 1400 rpm actually does not feel too slow, especially when we have fish and sea water on board. Amazing the fuel efficiency gets a bump at 2200 rpm. The jet is only rated to 30 knots, so I think we start losing efficiency on the top end. You can really cover some ground with this boat and get ~0.9 mi/gal.

Anyways, just thought it might be interesting to someone.


Speed and fuel consumption:

Speed and mileage:
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