Sta-bil fuel tratment question/ outboard winterizing

Sep 5, 2011
Has anyone used this sta-bil stuff? looking to put it in my tank this winter on my boat but just want to make sure its decent. Does it really help remove water?
Also for my 2 stroke outboard what do you guys reccomend I do to winterize it?


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Sep 3, 2011
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without getting into a giant discussion concerning fuel:

stabli in the tank - you need it.let me give you a little information,i own and operate a marine repair facility - i winterize and store approx 40-45 boats every season - i have never had a problem with water in the fuel.water in the fuel isn't caused by fuel with ethanol - some would like to argue that point.water in the fuel is the result of either a problem in the fuel system - fill plate leaking,vent problem,or the tank itself - or containated fuel.if you've got a problem with water in the fuel,you need to find the source of that water.

winterizing an outboard: 2 stroke

i use a remote fuel tank,it has a mix of 5g fuel and 1 gallon outboard oil,and a shot of stabil - i disconnect the fuel line at the primer ball,connect my tank,run the engine on"ear muffs",with my salt a way flush kit,till it's at noraml operating temp,the engine will smoke - i stall the engine out,by running it on the choke-carb'd engines,efi engines,just shut it down...perform a compression tets-prior to connecting the fuel and running the engine...
pull the prop,service the gear case,lube all the fittings,reinstall the wheel,rinse the powerhead in CRC,or lear research corrosion block spray - these are the only 2 products i'm aware of that actually neutralize salt - WD 40,is useless - kinda like peeing on a forest fire...
doing it in this manner,it assures everything has a coating of oil - carbs-here - the fuel evaporates,but the oil won't,everything is coated,and will remain so,avoiding any problems in the carbs.i will not run carb'd engines out of fuel - that's a bad move...


Jul 15, 2015
I have found that using the primer ball to push out all the gas and fill then fill the carbs with two stroke oil.The motor can stay winterized until you want to use it .no air or moisture can cause trouble.when its time to start it up just remove the drain screws and push the oil out,again using the primer ball.great for long term storage
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