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Apr 3, 2013
Chatham, MA
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Grady White, Stagepoint 17
I am new to the forum, fairly new to boating and am looking at my first purchase of a Down East style boat. In particular, I am interested in a 17 ft 2003 Stagepoint with a 2003 70 hp suzuki. In looking at finding a fair price to pay for the boat I have checked out the NADA boat value site and it indicates a fair value of around 10K for a 2005 for that hull and motor. I also looked at the valuation placed on an 18 ft Eastern with the same power and it also comes in right around $9k - $10K.
The boat looks to be in good shape, is structurally and mechanically in good ( not exceptional) shape, has decent electronics (GPS, fish finder & VHF) but otherwise does not have any exceptionally valuable additional options. It has lived its life in Vermont lake water and has always been stored covered on a hoist during the season and then outside under a cover in the off season. The current owner is asking $15.5k including the original 10 year old trailer.
I like the boat and want to pay a fair price. I understand that the particular boat is a very limited production item and the NADA may not be the best indicator of value but can it be more than 50% off?
Your thoughts would be very helpful.
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