Still below zero this morning ???


Sep 1, 2011
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You live with all that snow and no time to play in it?

Hoping to be in Bham by early May, sea trial around June 1st. Can't wait.

I hate riding on trails that are all tore up from short tracked go fast machines and thats what is around here, i like to ride the backcountry and to do that its loadup and drive 50 miles to Deska landing and head out to a friends cabin 35 miles up the Yetna river so that makes for a multi day trip if i want to have any fun rides. Its no fun riding in the middle of winter with just about no daylight and stuff tends to bust easy when its 20-30 below out so the best time to ride is from say mid February on and by then i'm up to my neck in building pots and getting set up for the shows and the shrimp season. Now if i had your energy it wouldn't be a problem :D .
I had a customer here yesterday that you dad might know, Bob Cormit who used to build metal boats for cook inlet, great guy and we had a good chat standing on the snow squall and talking boats. Well got to go out in the crisp 15 degree morning and take the studs off my truck and put on the "summer tires" :rolleyes:.
Lets see some boat pics we're all on the edge of our seats waiting to see that beauty roll out !! Say hello to Dad.

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