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Please call your Reps.


A few quick updates on the fishery. We're actively dealing with two separate issues this fall. One is legislative and one is with DMF.

The bills that are currently in the legislature (pushed by Stripers Forever) and are designed to end the commercial fishery. The public hearing was held on November 6th and the commercial fishery had mediocre attendance by fishermen but outstanding testimony from those present. The committee has yet to take action on the bills and we have been informed by Rep. Sarah Peake, a staunch supporter of our fishery, that the committee is not likely to take action until after the holidays. Additionally, we have been informed that the bills have a fair bit of support from legislators (not good), primarily those representing non-coastal towns. If you live in a non-coastal town and have yet to weigh in by contacting your representative, it is very important that you do so. Additionally, if you know fishermen in non-coastal towns that may not be on this newsletter, please communicate with these fishermen the importance of this action. A simple phone call or email will go a long way in keeping this fishery going. Those who don't accept or understand just how close we are to having no commercial bass fishery must recognize the magnitude of this threat.
If you don't know who your legislators are or how to contact them, there is a simple tool available at this link:

A day after the hearing, the Marine Fisheries Commission met to discuss regulatory changes for the fishery. Several proposals were approved for public hearing. DMF and commissioner Diodati have made no final decisions on these changes and will not do so until after the public hearings take place. Hearings are likely to be scheduled for late January or February. Public hearing announcements are posted on the DMF website.
The proposals that will be heard deal primarily with daily bag limits, days of week fished, and the date of opening season, among other issues. Below is the original memorandum that went out from Diodati just prior to the MFC meeting. Once open for public comment, the importance of weighing in with your thoughts cannot be underestimated. I will follow up with further information at a later date. Additionally, DMF Director Diodati has agreed to meet with MCSBA board members next week for a brief discussion of the proposals. This meeting will give us a better understanding of where DMF stands on the issue and what they are looking to accomplish. It will also be an opportunity for MCSBA to weigh in on the topics that have been discussed and voted on by members.

For those of you concerned about changes to the fishery, nothing has been passed thus far but expect to have a significantly different fishery come June 2014. We urge you to weigh in. Also, we have collected all of the pricing information from four major buyers for 2013 and will be processing and releasing that information to our members via email as soon as possible.


Division of Marine Fisheries
251 Causeway Street, Suite 400
Boston, Massachusetts 02114 (617)626-1520
fax (617)626-1509

Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission
Paul Diodati, Director
October 31, 2013
Commercial Striped Bass Proposals for Public Hearing

Last meeting, I presented several proposals I’d like to take to public hearing regarding the management of the Commonwealth’s commercial striped bass fishery. These included:
  • - Differentiating daily bag limits for Striped Bass Permit Endorsements attached to Boat Permits vs. those attached to Individual/Rod & Reel Permits;
  • - Setting a bag limit as low as 10 fish for Striped Bass Permit Endorsements of Boat Permits;
  • - Setting a 2-fish bag limit for Striped Bass Permit Endorsements of Individual/Rod & Reel Permits;
  • - Eliminating Sunday as an open fishing day;
  • - Prohibiting the sale of striped bass caught during for-hire trips;
  • - Prohibiting dealers from making primary purchases in excess of the trip limit from a single fisherman
    regardless of the number of commercial fisherman permits in possession.
    Most of the day’s discussion on these proposals centered on questions related to permitting; e.g., who is authorized to fish and where under various permits and how the differential bag limits would apply. I’ll address those issues in greater detail here, but first present several additions to the proposals.
    Additional Proposals
    Open Days
    In addition to eliminating Sunday as an open fishing day, I’d like to take public comment on reducing the number of open weekdays to two, as well as which days specifically would be preferred under the 2- weekday and 3-weekday scenarios. Reducing the number of open weekdays would further help to lengthen the season and reduce market glut. Previous input from a Striped Bass Focus Group that met prior to the 2013 season favored a 2-weekday scenario with open days of Mondays and Wednesdays, although that was at the current 30-fish bag limit.

    Season Opening
    In conjunction with reducing the number of open days per week, I’d like to consider opening the season earlier than July 12. The aforementioned Striped Bass Focus Group suggested a July 1 opening that would provide striped bass to local markets during the 4
    th of July holiday. I’ve also received comment from constituents from the Islands and south-side of the Lower Cape that the current opening date largely eliminates their opportunity to harvest striped bass on their northerly migration. Ironically, the July 12 date was partially selected as a time when striped bass were widely distributed throughout the Commonwealth’s waters; however, with changing water temperatures, that is probably no longer the case. This proposal could elicit more interest from recreational anglers than the other proposals for the commercial fishery;

Paul J. Diodati

Darren Saletta
Executive Director
Massachusetts Commercial Striped Bass Association
[email protected]


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