surprise catch, not a Halibut


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Apr 12, 2012
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wilcox and midland
Years ago, when my dad used to handline cod fish off of Coxes Ledge. We would have encounters with all kinds of sharks, where they would bite a cod in half while you were hauling it up.

Got quite a few tarred line burns on my hands, when they would bite and and then twist their bodies to tear off half a 20 lb. cod.

On one occasion we had a hammerhead...first and only one I ever saw...get really pissed off when we pulled what remained of a cod that he had taken half of, onboard. He backed off a little then swam at the boat hitting the bottom and coming up the other side of the boat. The top of his head had red bottom paint on it. Never saw it again.

Had a similar incident with a tiger shark, but this time when he surfaced again, my older brother tried to gaff him. Almost lost my brother overboard...lesson learned , don't mess with a 10' tiger shark. This one stay around on the surface surveying the area for maybe 10 minutes before it finally went away.

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