Thanks Chris


Mar 18, 2012
Port Jefferson, NY
Boat Make
22' SISU, 65' Gilliken, 78' Gilliken
Just wanted to take a second to commend Chris for incredible customer service, I texted him the other evening, around 7-8pm if he could give me a call if he was free as I was having trouble adjusting my radar heading line to accurately show the heading of the vessel. Within minutes he was on the phone and diagnosed the adjustment that was necessary so quickly, over the phone that it was very impressive. I had the unit in front of me and a manual and couldn't of done it without him, it required a key sequence to open a menu that wasn't accessible without it and I never would of been able to do it without his help. I've never had customer service from anyone I've ever bought electronics from and I will never go elsewhere, thanks again......JP
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