Trev Gowdy's MonsterFish does a canyon fishing show on tomorrow


Jan 14, 2012
Two Long Island captains ran to*Hydrographers*Canyon*last Summer and had film crews from Trevor Gowdy's Monster Fish on board. Without spoiling it- they crushed it. And it all is caught on tape. Multiple bigeyes landed approaching 300 lbs, yellowfin over 100 lbs and plenty of swordfish too. Well done show- probably the best fishing show that I've ever seen. It's on tomorrow, Tuesday at 11AM on the Outdoor Channel. It's a two part episode. There is plenty of editing, it's not perfect but it is action packed and educational. It really hits home with NorthEast canyon fishermen and is devoid of much the so-called "tough guy" bravado seen on tv tuna shows of late. So set your DVRs and enjoy. Part two should air in a couple weeks. This is a can't miss in my opinion. One boat has egg beaters on the transom but the other is a 43 Torres.


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