Tuna Trip 5/25


1st Mate
Aug 30, 2011
Duxbury MA
Boat Make
Maritime Skiff
Had a hard time deciding if I should of gone tuna fishing or clamming but I am glad I went. It was my first trip of the year out of Duxbury Ma.

I woke up early to see if I could grab some pogies... Nothing, the osprays didnt see much on the flats and ended up looking for small bass up in shallow water. I also checked the usual spots but only marked herring. It is still a little early to get pogies but I have seen a few schools inside the bay. Since I did not get any pogies we ended up jigging up macs which now take us an hour or so to get about a dozen baits. On our way out we saw a few schools of tinker macs pushing on the surface we didnt think much of them and kept moving. It did not appear that there was any fish under them. Once we hit P-town we saw about 3 or 4 schools of pogies moving in which is a great sign but once again nothing on them. We ended up at peaked hill which a few days before that there were about 4-5 fish caught biggest 83 inches. We balled up for the whole day about 8 hours of fishing. Nothing. Few seals in the area couple birds working here an there but no tuna. We marked some schools of bait but nothing too serious. I wasnt expecting too much maybe a small one or two. Maybe it was good that we didnt hook up.. dont wanna get a keeper before the season starts that would suck.

There here... but we didnt get anything, hopefully it will be a good year.

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