turbo for volvo TAMD-41-P-A


Mar 5, 2012
Boat Make
35 five islands
I have a turbo for a Volvo Tamd-41-p-a. I bought it for my old boat put it on and 3 weeks after I installed it the fins on the compressor wheel came apart in a nice mess and took the bearings out...Volvo wouldn't warranty it because a dealer didn't install it and I got stuck with it and put my old junk turbo I had just replaced because it was getting tired.....back on and threw this one in the basement....you cant get new spindle assemblies for it you have to buy a new turbo... but if anyone has a rusted out turbo housing and needs a new housing that is close to blowing through into the coolant passageways they could very easily switch a good spindle into this housing..... and have a non rusted out turbo....make me an offer on it if your interested I will try and throw some pics on tomorrow morning of it.... also have a spare wire harness cable to go to a control panel if anyone is interested in that....I am never buying another Volvo after that episode so I don't think I need to keep this stuff floating around the basement.....

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