USED Volvo Penta HS1A 2.62 Gear #873172 - VERY RARE!

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Apr 24, 2012
City Island, NY
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As some of you may already know, Precision Marine Center does a lot more than electronics, as the company actually started as a marine diesel outfit that grew up a bit over 30 years. We're Yanmar, Cummins, and Volvo Penta Certified Dealers, to name a few, and while I am far from an expert, feel free to call and speak to someone in service for questions regarding any kind of internal combustion.

Cutting to the chase, while cleaning out the shop, we came across this Volvo Penta Reversing Gear, which we got stuck with from a repower, and apparently this is an extremely rare and hard to find piece, and to purchase new is around $14,000. That's insane.

I'd say the gear needs a paint job, but other than that it works flawlessly. We were going to list it on eBay, but I asked my boss if I could list it here first, and he agreed. The serial number is 101066648, and the price is $1,500 plus shipping or local pickup. Any questions, call the office and ask for Greg. Hope someone here could use it. I'll leave it on for two weeks or so and see if there's any action. Here are some pics:


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