Volvo Penta Repower & Refit - EVERYTHING Replaced In Engine Room

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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey guys,

I know some of you may not know it, but Precision was founded back in 1984 as a Detroit Diesel outfit, and is still at 60% a full servicing diesel shop being dealers for Cummins, Yanmar, and Volvo Penta. I just run the electronics division, so I know enough about motors to get into trouble..

This is on an Intrepid 40, but figured it'd be interesting none the less. Long story short, the boat is actually a tender for a privately owned 183' LUXURY Research Vessel that belongs to one of our clients.. He is basically the Elon Musk of the sea, working with guys like James Cameron doing all kinds of crazy things with the boat's submersible ROV's. He also owns a 'support' vessel M/Y Umbra.
OceanX, if you're interested, is the company.

Here's some links to the bigger boats for fun, and just so you know he's not all about the mega, locally he has two other Intrepids, a beautiful Hinckley Talaria 48MkII. And honestly, he's actually a great down to earth guy, especially for someone worth $17 billion..

Ship - OceanX
M/Y UMBRA: A Versatile Superyacht with a Difference

Getting to the point of the post, this was a job we did over the winter and while it's no Downeast boat, and YES, it's an I/O.. ugh, still I was extremely impressed by how well Precision Marine's diesel outfit took care of the job. The boat was only 6 years old, but aside from taking a beating as it's towed behind the big boat through 20+ foot seas taking a major salt bath, the starboard oil cooler (?) and exhaust completely corroded away and the thing blew oil and soot everywhere in the engine room before the motor gave up the ghost. We gave him the choice of rebuilding the motor, but the parts and labor to convert the port motor from EVC-D to EVC-E software (which includes new ECMs, PCUs, etc) almost cost the same as a new package. He decided to have us remove the old motors and everything else in there, clean it, and repower. Here's some pics, hope you guys enjoy.

And I JUST realized those are the only pictures I have! Missing the finished product! I know the techs have tons of pics, I'll have to get some of those to post. Sorry guys, but..

To Be Continued..!

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Sep 9, 2012
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