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Hi Dave ,
I was reading that thread about the 36 Zimmerman. You said you looked at that boat ,if possible could you let me know what you thought. I’m looking for a BHM. Did you find out if the hull is cored or solid. I would expect the cabin is cored or wood in 94 - If you have any intell on the boat in general could you please pass it my way
Tnx in advance
It says you're following me...............
Stalking ? LOL
ok you caught me me. ill stop stalking you:)
somehow im always ignoring people and then having to unignore them. either a glitch or my fat fingers.
not a problem at all. just curious that's all.
I have a friend who is interested ..... but this covid stuff is holding them back....
Thank you.
Hello out there,
Just want to introduce myself,my name is Hank I manage Seaport Marina in Lynn Ma.We are currently under major construction installing and repairing all our floats and fuel dock.When everything is done it will be a great port to visit.I sold my boat this past spring and now looking to down size to a used Wasque 26 or Nauset 24 I'd appreciate any help in finding one.THANKS (new-guy)
I am interested in your boat you are listing. I don’t know if I am am private messaging you correctly, I hope this reaches you. My name is dan, my cell number is (718)877-5815. You can text to that number as well. I will be offshore tomorrow with intermittent service, but will be home Wednesday. You can also email me at [email protected] (there is no good story
I've got the former 28 t jason molds.make nice downeast style center console easily layed up for for info 12074601869
Also have the former 35 tjason molds
just bought 'PANACEA', 1978 Bruno & Stillman 35.. sold my Seaway 20 to help pay for it.. woo hoo :)
Good luck with your new Bruno!
Congrats! Looks clean and ready for some updates. You'll find lots and lots of help here.
Mark Kopyc
Mark Kopyc
Thanks!! yeah unfort I just broke the boat this past Tues... :( piston shot, diagnosis in progress.. I'm so bummed
Im looking for a seat for port side. In the pic it looks like it would be used on starboard size. Is it interchangeable?
I just completed a post to sell my boat, but can't find any button to post it. Help. Mark Munsell
Hey Chris,
Just installed Simrad nac 2 with a rf40 rudder reference, during dockside I keep getting rudder test failed, any experience with that?

Hi there, just checking in to see if I could talk to you about a 19’ Seaway I am looking in to buying. It seems like you have a lot of knowledge. My number is in the posting below. I was going to buy it last fall but held off. He took the boat off the market but has inquired if I am still interested
Heading down to Bristol this week to pick up our new Midland 19. Old owner had new stringers and floors put in two years ago. Beautiful skiff!
I bought one last week too and dropped it off to get new strings and floors installed this weekend. I haven't found much information on the boats other than this forum but curious if anyone has considered putting a bracket on a midland? I'm going with a 115hp fourstroke so interested in whether a bracket would be necessary, a good idea, or concerns?
James Doyle
Also looking at a 115 but 33 knots WOT with a 90 makes me think that a 115 might be overpowering. A lot of weight as well (400+ lbs.). I have a Johnson 70 on my 1978 Midland 19' (original equipment!), that was well maintained and pushes her right along at around 18 knots. My other bride gets antsy when the ride gets "lumpy". Send some pics of the restoration and repower.
Cape Dory 28 Sport experiences. Looking seriously at purchasing a 1989 280 Sport with 200hp volvo diesel. Any info and pros or cons would be helpful. Is exhaust an issue? How do they fair in head or following seas? Any good ideas for seating solutions, we have a fairly large family. Thanks
Hi Martin, Sorry I just saw this. Are you still considering a CD28? If yes, I can give you some feedback.

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